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Resolving arrangements
for children

Family mediation is creative work that aims not only to settle disputes, especially where children are concerned, but also to encourage co-operation between separated parents and to maintain nurturing relationships between parents and their children.

Benefits of mediation over court proceedings:

  1. Couples who mediate try to find mutual interests and common ground.
  2. Participants explain issues in their own words and they listen to each other.
  3. Mediation aims to narrow differences and bridge gaps.
  4. Mediation sessions are conducted in an informal way allowing for flexibility.
  5. Mediation is private.
  6. Mediation allows for agreements to be reached quickly and participants can reach their own informed decisions.
  7. Conflict can be avoided as participants are encouraged to consider future arrangements.
  8. Legal costs can be avoided or reduced.
  9. Participants are the decision-makers avoiding orders imposed by judges.
  10. Mediation avoids the stress of having to attend court hearings.
  11. Parents can attend child-focused mediation.

The following are trained and accredited in dispute mediation.

David Balcombe QC
Timothy Bergin
Rachael Claridge
Jane Peckham
Eleanor Battie