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We provide a dispute resolution service for businesses and individuals known as “ADR” – alternative dispute resolution. Our team of experienced legal professionals help parties resolve their disputes by facilitating negotiations, in a number of different ways, with a view to achieving a legally binding solution to their dispute.

Our service is:

  • convenient
    we help avoid the delays, uncertainties and stress of litigation, whether or not the parties choose to be legally represented. Our procedures are more adaptable than court litigation and parties can have their dispute dealt with at a time and place of their own choosing.
  • adaptable
    at the same time as providing a professional setting, we follow an informal and user-friendly procedure, facilitating round table discussions or a form of “shuttle” negotiation (or a combination of both) as appropriate.
  • economic
    a combination of court user fees (recently significantly increased) and legal fees mean that litigation, with all of its uncertainties, including potential for appeals, is rarely an economic and proportionate way to resolve disputes. As well as this, mediation, can introduce innovative ways of resolving a dispute, taking into account the realities of the parties’ financial positions.

The courts themselves now urge parties to consider alternative means of dispute resolution (ADR) and can even impose financial penalties on parties who have failed to do so. Many litigants are now turning to ADR to resolve conflicts and disputes.

In the unlikely event that final resolution is not achieved through our service, then the negotiations that have taken place would be entirely confidential (without prejudice) and as such would not be referred to in any future court proceedings.

Our team comprises highly experienced lawyers (solicitors and barristers) who have a background in providing specialist legal advice and representation, many of the team are independently recognised as experts in their fields. They include a retired circuit judge with many years of experience of civil and commercial disputes.

We are based in Brighton, where we have a suite of mediation rooms. Although this is our base, we can arrange to work at any location to suit the parties for whom we are working.

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