disputes mediated





We offer dispute resolution services in a range of property matters. Our members are experienced property lawyers.

This may include disputes relating to both freehold and leasehold properties, whether domestic or commercial, landlord and tenant disputes, disputes over boundaries, and neighbour disputes.
Such disputes can be especially frustrating and difficult for the parties. It is rare that the courts are able to provide a straightforward and proportionate solution. Generally, any dispute resolution appointment will commence with a visit to the relevant property, and, indeed, the entire appointment can take place there if preferred.

Our aim is to assist the parties in dealing with the realities of the situation and, where appropriate, in a way that will enable them to continue as neighbours, free of ongoing dispute. Disputes between neighbours, whether over boundaries or other issues can be especially vexing for the parties. They need to be addressed at the earliest opportunity and in a way that enables the parties to get on with their lives and that ensures that the value of a property is not prejudiced by ongoing difficulties.

The following are trained and accredited property mediators.

James King-Smith
Stuart Wright