disputes mediated



 What happens 
 - the process 


Following initial contact we will provide a preliminary indication of the costs involved. You can then decide whether or not to take advantage of our service. Once terms are agreed, we shall provide both sides with a draft mediation contract, and agree a date and place for the mediation to take place with you and your opponent. It is a matter of choice for you whether or not you are legally represented, but please note that our mediators are not able to give parties legal advice.

Our offices in central Brighton are equipped with excellent and comfortable meeting rooms, but we are happy to travel elsewhere if required and if adequate facilities are available.

Both parties are given the opportunity to exchange a written statement of their position, together with copies of any relevant documents. If court proceedings have already been started, copies of the court proceedings, together with the relevant documentation, may be sufficient at this stage. There may be different arrangements for “family” disputes (see “Family” section).

The procedure followed on the day of the mediation is very flexible and will depend on the nature of the dispute and the assessment of the mediator.

In the event that the mediation is successful in reaching an agreement, the parties will then sign a record of the agreement drafted by the mediator, or the parties’ lawyers, as appropriate.